Spring Majesty ~ Aberdeen

Aberdeen Seaton Park Spring Majesty

I am able to work from home very effectively so – lots of Stock work being undertaken and a few images placed on sale (not that anyone has spare spending money for anything beyond essentials) but it means I can work through tonnes of back catalogue and I am still coming across some great overlooked images. This is an image which I use for a Spring location shot in Aberdeen – it screams Spring.

Yellow Spring Majesty in Seaton Park, Aberdeen


  1. Seems you’re a bit ahead of us with the daffies… but they sure do scream spring! It’s a spectacular shot for sure. And so cheerful! SOmething badly needed at this time.

  2. I walked that path! Alas, we were heading over your way this August, but we will come, when all of this passes. Lovely photos. It does scream Spring.

  3. So pretty and cheery! It does indeed scream spring. Glad you are being productive and staying busy during this most unusual and challenging time across the globe.

    1. Ingrid – I love the phrase “screams Spring” – I am probably a workaholic – I only sit down to watch some TV or a film after 2200 to ease down for bed. Like everyone I am just hoping to have a job to go back to otherwise – who knows – but I am not unique in that. All my best your family – take care Scott

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