The Age of Tranquillity

What can we do to keep ourselves sane and mentally strong through this period of incredible struggle and challenge? Perhaps some exercise, cultural activity, reading, sharing, family history, art, learning – the possibilities are endless – I predict a period of creativity – and hope – what about you?

“By the way the Piano Forte is a beautiful instrument I came across recently – I wish I could have played it but I could only photograph it.”


  1. I spend a couple of hours a day playing piano and am now teaching my husband. He’s really coming along well. It’s so much fun to do this together. πŸ˜ƒ

  2. I’m just hoping that our government manages to grow some sanity for starters. Not asking much otherwise.

  3. Strange times…. But apart from the C19 threat it is also a moment when we all take stock and may be reset our mind clock’s. I think we will see some creative initiatives right here on WP. Take care 😊

    1. Definitely a moment to take stock – a period of reflection but also routine, I am trying to keep myself as busy as possible but got to watch how much screen time especially with out the other distractions to break it up. I am a bit of a workaholic tbh.

  4. I believe that creativity is our strongest force for building courage and resilience. Sharing our creativity takes it to the next level. Your photography gives beauty and joy to my day. On my side, I am looking back at forgotten poets and reciting their poetry. It has been an extraordinary journey.

    1. I am completely with you on that – I have lots of ideas at the moment and I am probably spreading myself to thin presently – but I know my archive and catalogue will be in top condition with the amount of attention it is getting. That said I really need to be out getting shots and have a couple of ideas to tie in with exercise.

  5. Hi, Scott,
    I’m lucky to work inside my studio most of time allone. In Germany we are still allowed to go for a walk, preferably alone.
    Best wishes, stay healthy, Susanne

    1. Susanne our restrictions are a little stronger – as the British public are probably far less trustworthy, I am fortunate to be in an area of small population which means there is space – and like you I can work from home which is excellent – although there will come a time where I will need fresh material – so I am looking for images with images. Take care – my best to you and your family.

      1. Good morning, Scott,
        I read this morning that even the Queen has now turned to her people. Does it show how serious the situation is?
        Fortunately, in Germany, the virus is slow-moving. I’m hopeful that by the end of April the out of contact policy will be lifted. But who knows what will happen these days?
        Good health from Susanne

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