Craigellachie Bridge

I thought I would post this compare and contrast blog – in a previous blog you have seen the long exposure image of Craigellachie Bridge a bridge from 1814 by Thomas Telford one of the great engineers of his day. This time however I thought I might add to it some aerial images of the same subject. The lead shot is a mono arty interpretation of the bridge by drone the other 2 are more conventional drone images. An aerial overview and a elevated landscape shot. I have included the long exposure for a comparison. I think it is interesting to see the two types alongside each other – something I may well do more of in the future. And dont be surprised if you start seeing video footage too – as I am becoming acutely aware that a modern photographer in order to be competitive and survive (especially now) has to have an understanding of both.

I rather like the arty aerial – what do you think?


    1. Yes they do provide opportunities to view difficult to access locations or see things from a new perspective – but the regulations are getting very strict and they dont always do what they are told.

    1. David that is exactly what attracted me – due to the cliff behind – the sun position pretty much determined what I could and couldn’t shoot – but the strong contrast just said mono.

      1. Its a great shot. I love shadows. Commercially I often had to shoot over the middle of the day. Not the time of day Camera Clubs like to mention, so learnt not to fight the bright light and shadows bur to go with it and use the (heavy) shadows. But it was also the mix of metal, rock and water with the contrasts of shadows that I enjoyed in your shot. 🙂

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