A Tale of Two Bridges

After three years of no access to East Beach Lossiemouth finally has a new bridge. But next week this scene will change – as the old bridge will be dismantled and recycled after over 100 years of service. This view will change again.


    1. Yes, the business association asked to use a copy, but unfortunately, it lacks quality as it is a mobile phone edit. I mainly have my little Fuji in the car an
      XT-1 which is a lovely camera but just lacks the Nikons tonal range.

      1. Interesting. I was flirting with going mirrorless, as a way to avoid carrying the heavy Nikons. Spotted a Fuji advert to buy a refurbished X-T100 and 15-45 lens direct from them…. so decided as the price was amazingly low to take the plunge. Rather liked it, but admit like you missed the Nikon tonal range despite the Fuji Film simulations for Provia and Velvia,etc.. The EVF took some getting used to. Long story short…. I bought a Nikon Z5. (Would have bought the Z6 but only one card slot and stupidly expensive memory Card and now I am not professional couldn’t justify the Z7 and definitely not the Z9). The Z5 is proving great. Light, compact, yet man-size grip, etc.. and Nikon image quality. Initially just bought it with the 24-50mm kit lens which is surprisingly good. Also bought the Z adapter so can use some of my other Nikon and Sigma lenses. But that kit lens was so good that I have bought two other Z lenses to try and keep weight down. As mentioned, the EVF does take some getting used to after the DSLR but now find it great and love the mini historygram in the corner…it doesn’t distract but adds to the ability to adjust highlight and shadow exposure in real time. But above all I love the lack of weight and compact profile ๐Ÿ™‚

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