Kinloss Abbey

Had this hanging around for a while but wasnt to sure anyway as I have to go and bury my head in my first assignment for my just commenced Photography HND - I will leave you to decide.
Had this hanging around for a while but wasn’t to sure anyway as I have to go and bury my head in my first assignment for my just commenced Photography Higher Professional Diploma – I will leave you to decide if I got it level in the end ;-).


  1. Like this one. It gives me same feeling I have very often when I see your shots. The feeling, that I only need one step to be a part of the shot. Think the sky gives this one the deepness.

  2. All the best with the assignment, Scott…! 🙂
    Funny you should say you were going to ‘bury your head’ in the assignment; what with this particular image theme…! 😉

    1. It is very involved – Promotional Photography Brief heavily weighted in the costing aspect – post shoot processing and 1500 words analysis of the workflow involved – there are 12 outcomes I need to demonstrate including professionalism and presentation.

      1. That all sounds great.. I’ve just started a Photoshelter website. Have you looked at those? They take care of much of the costing of your sales as per an industry standard so if you sell to an advertising agency, wouldn’t that be nice, and they intend to use your image in a banner advert that’ll run for a month on the Internet for example, there’s a standard rate apparently and they take care of it. I was shocked at how high those rates are.
        This is an aspect of photography I wish I knew more about. I’m envious of the learning curve that you are on Scott. Which college did you go with? I’ve been looking at courses but the one’s I’ve checked out so far seem to be a lot pricier than yours.

      2. I found it via the MOD – I needed to find a MOD approved establishment – the Open College of the Arts did adegree at £8000 the only online Uni to do so. I felt that was too expensive and didnt offer me any commercial aspects only artistic. So I went with PPtutor-Online run by 4 practising professional and the lead guy is also a lecturer. I wanted to be able to distance learning which is what I have always done – already completed a OU degree so happy with that form of forum based learning.

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