Elgol Blue

One of the Elgol series of images which I cant make my mind if I like the view is great but is the foreground interesting or just a distraction.
One of the Elgol series of images which I cant make my mind if I like – the view is great but is the foreground interesting or just a distraction – I will let you decide


  1. I think the foreground is a bit distracting and what makes it so for me is the 44-gallon drum (?) that looks like the entrance of a drain. To me it draws your eye in in a little whirlpool that is separate from the rest of the image. You could crop up above it but better would probably be to replace it carefully in some way with clone or content-aware fill in Photoshop.

    1. Interesting and thanks for your feedback Murray – initially that was my thoughts but then I considered it to be part of landscape – an unattractive part but there all the same and it does offer a contrast to the stunning backdrop. It was very interesting to see the mixed responses

  2. Great shot! When I first looked at the picture my eyes were immediately drawn to the house, it really stands out. And then drifted toward the background. I actually noticed the foreground last, so I wouldn’t say it’s distracting. I think it helps provide a bit more depth to the image.

  3. For me, there are two foregrounds and they do compete a little. I love that cottage especially. I have had in my minds eye for a couple of years now a series of images with a single small white cottage dwarfed by vast, inhospitable landscapes, inspired by the watercolours of Michael Morgan RI. I think you might enjoy his art if you are not already familiar with it.
    Here, I might try to find a way to compose with just one of the ruin or the cottage as foreground. Just me, however. Love the light.

    1. I get that perspective completely – thank you for the honest critique really valuable – i posted the shot with doubt in my mind and you have offered alternative – which I may well explore the time I am out that way – although whether I will see blue sky’s in Elgol again this decade I’m not sure

  4. The word that springs to mind is surreal. It almost looks as if the inhabited foreground has been superimposed upon the untamed background whereas we know that this sort of combination happens a lot in the Highlands and Islands! The view is stunning.

  5. So the sun does shine at times at Elgol!…always been dark, rain, gales or worse when I have been there. I like the shot, sometimes we get too hung up about every detail being just so and as we know life isn’t like that. let the image tell it as it is….still envious of that sunshine

    1. Cheers David – you get the remark of the blog award – I completly understand your comment about getting hung in the detail. I suppose some of that is my fault in attempting to generate some debate.. I am much less bothered these days about meeting the needs of others in images than satisfying my own desire for that cracker which gets a great response.

  6. Hmmmm, you know, I love the shot but I think the foreground does distract somewhat. It’s a dramatic shot but it think it would be even more dramatic without the cloudscape.

    1. Thank you – Tahira – for your information I did have crop of the clouds but decided that the different light on the water wouldnt be explained to the viewer – thanks for the input

  7. I really like the composition Scott, I’m not destracted by the foreground but rather, interested by it. Lots to look at. I think without, the photo would be nice, it’s a stunning view but I’m not sure the it would be particularly memorable. A photo you might see on a calander that you’d think, ‘That’s nice’ before turning to see what comes next. This composition would make me pause…

    1. thank Jo for your perspective – I have learnt this much – photography is subjective – for me the mountains are just one of the best views in Scotland – really catches your breath.

  8. Those few…rough edges in front make a beautiful balance with the scenery behind, completing each other. The possible imperfections are the ones that usually make the picture perfect, aren’ t they? πŸ™‚

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