Loch Duich Sequence

This is an unpublished sequence of 4 images all taken during the same day at Loch Duich – it was a pretty miserable day but an ethereal moody feel was generated  by the low cloud and perfectly calm water offering some lovely reflections. I did publish another 2 shots from this day Crash Landed a Hunter’s Moon and the Five Sisters of Kintail  (both collecting a good few views). I have decided on reflection when you add these four unpublished images it may well have been one of my most productive days photography on the basis I hope for one good shot a day. Anyway I will let you decide – enjoy


  1. Sounds like my recent trip to Norway, foggy, you did very well though Scott.

  2. Great series and indeed a bountiful day. Right now here (my home in Oz) we have low mist and no wind, reminding me of Scotland and your images.

  3. An embarrassment of riches, Scott. They make a fine foursome, I’m glad you put them together like that. They’re all beautiful but if I had to choose a favourite I think I’d plump for the first one.

    1. The first one was my choice of the three the others really were edited to show my journey along the loch – the other 2 shots which I linked in the text were shots of choice from this trip. Thank you so much Lorna

    1. agreed – doesn’t happen very often that way for me so I will be grateful – That said I would probably only place the previous 2 images plus Drifting from these on sale

    1. I believe Lyle the smoke trails which appear in several of the pictures is from wood burning chimneys – still popular in the smaller communities.

    1. Interesting choices David – Drifting and Low Cloud Loch Duich are my choice – the others are there to offer a sequence along the loch – it is always interesting when you put up more than one image to see what grabs peoples eye. Enjoy your break and if you get Wester Ross or closer let me know 🙂

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