Above Castle Tioram

Above Castle Tioram WM

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 I am proud to announce a first on my blog – this is an aerial shot of one of Scotland’s most stunning ruins Castle Tioram – Loch Moidart, Lochaber. I shan’t bother you with the technical aspects or hows and whys – I just hope you agree that it offers a completely different perspective.


    1. Drone is the answer – I have to admit the possibilities are endless but I want to try and apply landscape composition to keep it fresh otherwise it is simply a gimmick – the camera due to its size is quiet limiting but I am learning fast.

      1. I see from other comments that you used a helicopter drone. Most intriguing and impressive. Would you have been able to fly around inside the castle and photograph the interior walls where you can’t go in currently – or is the manoeuvring too difficult?

  1. Absolutely superb shot, Scott! I love the intensity of the green and clarity of the water, too. I have a vision of you hanging out of a helicopter, camera in hand, SAS style!!

  2. Ooh, have you got a drone? I have been virtual window shopping drones for a while but am a bit put off by all the negative press surrounding drone use….

    1. Good spot – yes I have I wanted to get some different angles and this is the result still learning – got to get to grip with the camera limitations first – but it is interesting

  3. When my stomach returns to its rightful spot….!
    Hahaaa, Scott; this one made me spin, a little. What a great shot – so many textures. Well done to you. ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Stunning shot and such a different angle. As you can tell we’re all busting to hear how you did it ๐Ÿ™‚ I have to make a guess – is it a GoPro on a remote controlled plane or gyro copter?
    The lighthouse series would be great shot like this too.

    1. thanks Lee – Rachael cracked it – I have used drone – give you the chance to get previously unthinkable shots but there quiet a few trade offs regarding camera capability – so it is striking the balance

  5. Stunning….I love it because it’s like a map and I love maps….and all those textures. So go on, spill the beans, how did you do it Scott? I would love to know!

    1. Thanks David as you have gathered it is in fact a drone. I have a feed via wifi through my iphone so I can utilise 1st person view – in essence using the camera as a pair of eyes so as long as the wind plays ball shooting is straight forward. The sun must be behind you though as the focal length is very limiting as is the perspective warp.

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