Castle Tioram – Selfie

Castle Tioram - Adhar dhealbh


Benji says thanks for the positive way in which he was received here in blog world. Some of you fathomed out my methodology for the previously published “Above Castle Tioram” which was of course a drone. I was often frustrated when visiting some of these stunning locations that I wasn’t completely able to capture the majesty of the setting. So I have taken the opportunity of investing in a drone. In essence it is an aerial photographic platform. However like all things, although it provides opportunity it also comes with constraints. Due to weight, the camera is quiet small and the focal length is around 5mm generating considerable curvature in the images which has to be straightened out. All that said I am learning fast how to get the best out of it and when combined with my DSLR you can get some great footage. This shot was attained with some risk as the drone is well out over the Loch – any mechanical failure or an aggressive seagull and I would be facing a hefty bill. Ultimately I have an opportunity to capture Castle Tioram (one of my favorites) placed in it’s landscape – I am sure you will agree – it is a rather splendid landscape – enjoy


  1. It is indeed a fabulous landscape. I have to say that a drone is a new one for me in terms of a photographers wish list – but it certainly opens up new opportunities!

  2. Oh Scott, how perfect! And I love the “risk-taking” with the drone!! This shot is definitely well worth the risks involved 🙂

  3. Wonderful to see the place and the placement in the scheme of things. Great shot, Scott.

  4. Stunning shot from a perfect perspective. Good for you. That must be great fun. I have been watching the drone developments with great interest. I am fascinated by the possibility of chasing hawks with it but a bit worried about the drone becoming the chasee! Might have get one that’s armed.

    1. Interest point about chasing Hawks – I have had to think carefully on several occasions on the coast – river estuary’s where birds are resting – often the get disturbed and get airborne en masse – It would only take an inquisitive young bird to take a closer look. But for impossible to reach locations it is a real opportunity.

    1. Actually it has a small HD quality video and stills camera – you can buy more powerful drones which will take much better cameras but these are in the several thousand pound bracket.

  5. Some gorgeous scenery you have there! I’ve seen folks with the drones at the beach. I bet they’re loads of fun. Certainly provides us with great views.

    1. Yes I can imagine you can have fun with the drones – certainly the video quality is incredible but you also have to consider safety – I tend to use it as a airborne photo platform – you get first person view via my phone

  6. Is it blind shooting or do you have a live feed back to ground? I think this is perhaps a better investment than that Rib you were mulling over!! Looking forward to the next ( Eilean Donan perhaps?)

    1. David I get a live first person view feed direct through my iPhone which make it easy to fly as long as you keep it heading away from you – once it turn however you are in to opposites. It is very easy to fly – landing is the only difficult part – which allows you to concentrate on setting the shot up.

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