Scottish Lighthouse Series – Turnberry On the Rocks

Turnberry on the Rocks

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Well its about time you were exposed to another Scottish Lighthouse – I trust it will guide our country to make the right choice this week as Scotland goes to the polls for the biggest decision in the last 300 years

certainly the biggest decision in my lifetime. Don’t worry I don’t intend to engage you in politics – people need to make their choices based on their beliefs and hopes.

I love my country passionately and will be living here no matter what happens on Thursday


  1. A gorgeous seascape, that white lighthouse just glows on those rugged rocks! I can see why you are passionate about your country, I certainly would never leave this magnificent coastline!

  2. Beautiful images, with standing storms of all shapes and sizes…
    I wish you and your country a peace found freedom …..
    I will be whispering on the winds for your success….
    Take Care…You Matter…

  3. Fabulous image, Scott. I’ll be photographing Stoer Lighthouse during my next visit to Scotland. Look forward to seeing more of your photos in your Scottish Lighthouse Series.

    1. Thanks Simon – I am enjoying the series but I am well aware how long it will take – hoping to cover all 4 seasons too 🙂 I sent you a quick question via text.

  4. We are watching the referendum closely from Canada! The lighthouse is an great symbol for these times. I have no idea who said this, but I have always likes this thought:

    “Lighthouses don’t go running all over an island looking for boats to save; they just stand there shining.”

    1. Brilliant quote Rebecca – I am afraid we were sold down the river by governments, corporations and finance offering their doom and gloom scenario’s. I really could go on but this blog is not the place for my rant.

      1. I stayed up late in the wee hours of the Vancouver morning to follow the vote. One thing is certain: it is very difficult to stop a movement. 🙂

  5. I like the symbolism of the lighthouse – fantastic image. I have been following the discussions in your country with great interest. I would be fascinated by your perspective.

    1. Still trying to come to terms with it all –
      Gutted. I think Scotland has thrown away a real opportunity here. I can’t believe 55% of Scotland voted against our country taking control of its own affairs. Angry with the banks (who failed us with their greed) and we are still paying for it – angry with EU (they had concerns this would destabilise Catalonia) and USA (needs the UK and it’s nuclear weapons to still be a partner with some influence) who by their comments interfered with the democratic process. In effect people were bullied by the corporate world. The YES campaign offered hope and opportunity – NO campaign was negative condescending and often patronising. In the end we will have our democratic right. We will get extra powers for out parliament – people will see out success and have no doubt that we would be far more successful as a small nation shaping our own future. It was close much closer than people think Glasgow our biggest city voted to leave the UK it was only the scaremongering by organisations like Deutsche Bank who scared the elderly at the last minute that changed the course. If you look at the demographic vote breakdown – the haves voted No and the have nots (those in poverty or close to it who had nothing to loose voted for YES. . Not so different to Quebec’s situation. In summary gutted still coming to terms

      1. Thanks so much for your long reply. A first-hand account from someone who cares so deeply about the result is much different than the news reports. Given your obvious passion for the result, I can understand how it would take some time to come to terms with the result. I was fascinated with your view of influencers and voting motivations. The only one that puzzles me a bit is the US – I would have thot that any perception of US interference would have had the opposite effect they intended.

        Interestingly, I am reading a just-released book about the perceptions of the key characters in the last Quebec referendum. So you can tell I’m a bit of political junkie. The strategies make for interesting analysis. It also reminded how passionate people were in our country’s debate as well. They are important decisions that can dramatically change the course of a country.

  6. Another shot for the book! Ayrshire Coast gives a fabulous taste of what is still to come as you travel up the coast south to north. As some one with Scottish blood but currently living south of the border I do fear that such a big decision for Scotland has descended into such a rugby scrum of ‘debating’ on a decision that will change the future dramatically which ever way the vote falls.

    1. I have had my rant on my response to Lyle so I wont start here too David. I wore a British uniform and have thee children all born in England. I am in no way anti-english but I believe Scotland could be very successful determining it’s own policies. The Scottish brand is international but hey the referendum is over in Scotland anyway although we seemed to have started something and stirred a real debate on democracy 🙂

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