A little after Sunset

A little after Sunset


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I have always preferred  post sunset light as it is far less intense allowing the sensor to cope much better with the myriad of colour. I secretly love the fact that most people dissapear once the sun has dropped not realising that the best is yet to come.

That said I am conscious that the sky alone is simply not enough to whet the appetite you need some foreground interest – here I was spoiled by both the reflection and the small rockpool. We have had a week in Skye  since my last post (keep watching for the shots)

I have also been without broadband for nearly 14 days so I am looking forward to being inspired by all your blog posts so the future is bright the future is Orange 🙂


  1. Stunning image, Scott. I agree, the kaleidoscopic heavens are truly amazing when the sun has set. And I’m sure the best is yet to come for the both of us on our individual photographic journeys. I am blessed that I have you to inspire me.

    1. I am truly glad you are taking photos again – and if I am inspiring you all the better. I am working hard to develop my craft and embarking on an educational journey.

  2. Just catching up on posts I missed whilst away (no internet signal) and nearly missed this shot…..love it and you are so correct that the more subdued hues can be much more appealing.

    1. David I am the same. It is a balancing act – work, play family, edit, educate, develop lol – In all honesty I could photograph this coast all night but it would get boring to those who have not experienced it. So diversity is key.

    1. It is double layered really with only the higher clouds being tickled with aftersun – we see this type of finish to the day frequently as there is more land across the firth which means we don’t always see the sun drop out of the Sky just reduce in intensity – the reflections are frequent due to the shallow beach.

    1. Many thanks Otto – sunsets are cliched – I stopped shooting them so frequently as I was struggling to find some fresh foreground interest. But I forgot people just love the light and don’t always need that extra detail – they just want to enjoy the light.

  3. Very nice, love the soft colors on this, makes it stand out imo; lots of sunsets are so oversaturated!

  4. Beautiful light but you are right it is the foreground interesting reflections that make the shot.

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