The Lord of the Isles – 62005

62005 Lord of the Isles


This is a must share for all steam train enthusiasts – “The Lord of the Isles” 62005 cooling down after hard days works – steam can still be observed coming from the boiler, the sun is clearly dropping over my right shoulder as the shadow is cast across the engine I have to admit I thought the smell as she cooled was wonderful. It was a perfectly calm  evening blues skys – honestly does it get any better. Definitely one of the highlights  of the year and my employers were paying the fuel. Hell I love being a semi professional semi retired photographer.


  1. I agree with Iain in all areas of tje photograph. Although I am not a steam locomotive expert, I love to look at these impressive hunks of steel and ingenuity. FYI, I was a diesel-electric engineer for the Santa Fe RR many a year ago. Riding the iron was a great experience.

    1. I’ll bet it was a great experience. I remember the very end of steam as a very young child. This was the first occasion since then where I had got this close – for me it was the smell that attracted me most the light was great which always excites me. The train which captivated me by its beauty was the Mallard. (worth a google)

    1. Alexander it completes 2 runs a day from March until September between Fort William and Mallaig on arguably the most stunning route in the UK. Over the Harry Potter viaduct at Glefinnan for example

    1. Thanks Val please feel free to have a wee scroll through my recent stuff. I am doing really good – selling quiet a few and working as a property photographer which I wasn’t sure if would enjoy – but in fact I love it.

  2. A really fine shot…as a self-confessed steam nut I see a lot of chuffer photos, but this really is head and shoulders above most. The light on the valve gear, the sun catching the heat patina on the smokebox and above all, the feeling of weight and latent power is most impressive. There are also myriad variations of tone between black and grey in the paintwork, so subtly caught. I love this shot!

    1. Iain, thanks for the fabulous feedback – I had to work fast as the sun was dropping fast and did struggle to get the exposure correct on the part of the engine in the shade but got there in the end – I could have spent ages there

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