Lochcarron – Trilogy

Loch Carron Calm WM
Lochcarron Calm
Castle Strome WM
Strome Castle
A less than subtle departure - Lochcarron
A less than subtle departure
Three shots all taken in and around Lochcarron on the west coast of Scotland. One is across the light another with the light behind and the third in to the sun. Each image is quiet different. Enjoy


  1. Truly breathtaking, Scott! So many words are bandied about around photography but I don’t think there’s any doubt that these are superb. I would struggle to pick a favourite. Each made me gawp in delight 🙂

  2. Yes, the last one is really breathtaking, but the one which really caught my interest was Strome castle, right on the bank of the Loch. I clicked on the image and enlarged to see all the finer detail, like the little bright blue boat almost hidden from view. There are some really nice houses around there too. Are they mostly holiday homes?

    1. I am glad it was Strome Castle the caught your eye the light was quiet perfect, although most people have commented on the last image. Funny how we all see things differently. The house around here are mostly locals retired or making a living from the land (including the sea) there are lots farmed trout and salmon farms in the sea lochs.

  3. Very nice, especially the last shot, you just want to melt into it! I like the depth it conveys as you get drawn into the distance, which is helped by the structure and shape of the clouds, I think. As for autumn colour, I have been looking for it but failed to find much this year, certainly around where I live. A lot of trees started thinning out before developing their autumn attire, and what was left distinctly lacked lustre. You might still get lucky on your travels, but with frost and snow forecast …. I fear the next season is on the doorstep.

    1. Glad you like it it seems to be the most popular of the three, I was hoping for more in the shot but it didn’t come to much ironically Mandy got a great picture of me taking the shot which did over 800+ likes on Scotland by the Roadside). This Autumn has been frustrating I had a chance to get some great shots near Fort William when I was there with my daughter (caravaning) but it poured every day and the cloud has also been sitting on top of us so no decent light either. I think we must be paying for the fantastic summer – still there is always next year.

  4. Despite our wonderful autumn down here in middle England ,I would swap for a couple of days around Loch Carron. ‘envy’ is not good for one! Love the contrasts in scene

    1. David I do get that feeling – interestingly though I have been far more aware of autumn up here than I have in the past and around Fort William there were a great deal more deciduous tree than Moray but if we havent had rain we have had thick cloud and associated flat light or I have had jobs on and been travelling so not one single autumn shot thus far. But there is still plenty of colour so maybe soon 😎

      1. As I have been reporting/recording on my blog, autumn has been strange this year…..much more muted than usual but lasting for much longer, but I don’t think we are going to get those rich colours of autumn this year. Like most of this year it hasn’t gone to what had become the expected schedule. At least we have been dry for the most part.

    1. Yes it seems to have won the popularity stakes – did very well on Instagram – I was hoping for the light to do just a bit more but it faded away.

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