Buchan Ness – Scottish Lighthouse Series

Buchan Ness WM


This is the rather magnificent Buchan Ness Lighthouse just outside Peterhead – it was late in the day and the light was about to fade I was searching around the lighthouse to see if I could get anything of interest with the remaining light and I was spawny enough to get a brief sunburst to make the lighthouse stand out strong against the dark sky. There are other lighthouses available in this series all are for sale just follow the link

7 thoughts on “Buchan Ness – Scottish Lighthouse Series

    1. Laughing out loud this end David. I’ll be honest I haven’t counted. my next aim is to get to St Abbs Head and work back to Edinburgh but as I am doing about 1300 miles a month with property work – I am not getting the opportunities that I was getting during the summer. I did get out to Ardnamurchan Point (what a trip that was) but it was a complete washout and no pictures achieved.

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