Loch Leven Anchorage

Loch Leven Anchorage


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This was so close to a great sunset but before the light got sexy, it had dropped over hills, however I moved down to Onich and caught some light heading down Loch Linnhe demonstrating that if you plan in the highlands you can chase the light quiet successfully. That said this is a lovely tranquil scene – in fact I also got a nice mono off to the left here with the slate which you can see covering the beach. Enjoy


  1. And there’s always a bird, isn’t there, Scott? I love it when they sit there patiently 🙂 Tranquil beauty- I can live with that.

  2. Gorgeous image, Scott. I prefer these more subtle colors as the sun goes down and the composition totally sucks you into that sweet world.

    1. Fine words Gunta it is quiet noticable the images that I have taken with my D800 it pick up huge amounts of subtle detail. I trust you have had a wonderful Christmas and New Year

  3. Another nice one…..but light can be so fickle, I some time think that it lies in wait for us photographers, tempts us then says to itself ‘got them’ and turns tail and vanishes. So today you managed to outsmart the heavens.

    1. I feel the same I am terrible for chasing light David, bursting out the car and trying to capture the shot before the sun moves and changes what I saw. Especially notable as you drive along see a shot and a hedgerow is in the way so drive on to get a clear horizon end up turning back as the view has changed from that which you originally saw. Getting much easier though as I build a database of places I want to reshoot

  4. You nailed the reflections and curves to find the tranquillity. It’s funny that the good things we find are often different than what we pursue.

    1. Wise words Mr Krahn – it is rare that what we seek in life is what we end up with. In many ways it is more exciting that way. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and Healthy New Year

    1. I am glad you appreciate it. I do try and remain as natural as possible – but we are fortunate in the fact sometime the light is quiet surreal naturally – I trust you had a great Christmas and wonderful New Year.

  5. A beautifully composed and metered shot where the knowledge and skill of a professional photographer really comes into play. The rest of us lesser mortals would have produced something muddy, but you used the light to great advantage and made a shot with so much to enjoy. When you wrote about slate my ears pricked up…then I realised that it is the Ballachulish area:-)

    1. Those are very kind words Iain and the first time I have been called a professional which has a rather nice ring to it. .Although in all honesty I am a self taught competent amateur who has become a semi-professional. I have had some remarkable sales which has boosted my confidence this year. Technically I have also improved just by taking shots and editing every day. But I need to work on capturing those shots that say wow. But I will work hard this year to move on – I hope you and your family have had a great Christmas and wonderful New Year

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