Classic Findhorn

Classic Findhorn

Rather than depressing you by reflecting the horrible weather which is currently spreading across Scotland – I thought I might share an oldie which has been re-edited utilising my current knowledge – I hope you agree it displays lots of detail on a lovely calm spring day. Somewhat unlike the 70+ mph winds streaking across the country as I post. Keep safe


  1. Just needed some beauty and light – thank you! I hear about your weather – nasty. Up here it’s windy too and snow and hail. Not even the dog wants an outing…

    1. tbh we are getting away withe weather its just not pleasant – the Western Islands took the brunt of it with strong winds and silly waves. We are very lucky in Moray the gulf stream protects us 🙂

  2. Stay warm and safe yourself, Scott. It is better to watch something nice but we can value this beauty only when we can compare with something not pleasant, terrible and dangerous. Then we can enjoy the beauty.

  3. Lovely shot, Scott. We’ve been having some of those same strong winds. A good time to stay snug and warm inside and plow through archives. 🙂

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