Au Naturel – Loch Linnhe

Au naturel Loch Linnhe

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So I returned to posting more recognizable posts of my home land this was taken en-route to a Job in Fort William and we used it in the property schedule – one of the reasons I enjoy property work – I get to travel they pay the petrol πŸ™‚


  1. My first thought was I didn’t know you painted as well as photographed! No finer image…an idyllic setting, and with such composure. I see the vacation did you good. Well done.

  2. That is Linnhe…….well as I remember it (though there have been the odd day when the sun has shone and its been a scorcher!). Moody but cheerful that’s great.

  3. Your photos are not just deeply admired by me but also make me long for those stunning sceneries you have captured…to be able to be there (and there, and also there) some day and simply enjoy the serenity and beauty. The house at the end of the world…

    1. I do like being out and about – just waiting to see what happens – knowing that there is every chance the light will do at least one magical thing each trip

  4. It’s great to recognize the beauty closer to home after admiring the more novel. Petrol- hmm haven’t read that word for a long time!

    1. It is just great to travel Lyle but even greater to come home – btw I needed Mandy to point out to me that you had not in fact been published in NG so I am working on my response to your blog ha ha

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