Corran – Scottish Lighthouse Series

Corran Lighthouse

I hadn’t been on this ferry for years and all of a sudden it has become a regular crossing, so I thought I would share it. This particular shot was taken with a Nikon VR 300mm lens handheld at F8 – I think you agree it is reasonably sharp – I will publish shots of the lighthouse in it’s situation but I am waiting for certain combination of weather before I do. I had intended to publish some of my property work but that will have to wait as I am out and about too early tomorrow – enjoy


      1. Hmmm… sounds like something I did for a bit back in the early 70s… back in the 35mm days. It was rather fun. Never made much money at it. 🙂

  1. What a wonderful setting. I’m off to wiki to check the date of the buildings! I’ve never been to that area but it’s on my list – I even have the OS map of it which is a start… RH

  2. Corran is one of those milestones on my journeys that says …”Hey we have arrived in Scotland and the Isles beckon” . Whilst it is far from being remote your image creates a great feeling of strength against the elements on a rugged rock….lovely mood. I wonder how many passing will note the War memorial on the hillside?

    1. Thanks David – I have finally caught up with work post Norway and I am starting to enjoy my roadside shots once more – looking forward to getting in and out of the car without a bunnet on ma heid. – I have seen Corran in so many cracking lighting situations but not had time in my schedule to stop. but with longer days imminent I will start out earlier to create the opportunity. My geography is improving too which should also create other shots

      1. That was decidedly regionalist comment – so unlike you – while it is in my head are you aware of a fellow blogger Lyle Krahn (Krahnpix) if not I recommend him – real quality Canadian Wildlife

      2. Well maybe I spoke too soon. Lovely morning yesterday then Armageddon in the afternoon, hatches battened down and lights on by 3pm….now should I build that ark?

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