Property Photography – a guide for the uninitiated

So I have been promising some of my fellow bloggers an update on my new career path with an insight to my day job. For the last year I have almost blogged about the day job, then the day job got in the way. Recently I have been extracting some of the more interesting rooms and locations so I could blog all about it. Well here is the result – feel free to ask anything you fancy and I will try my best to answer them. The following images should give you a good taster for my property work.

The featured image was selected as I am very proud of it – I was in this stunning £750K new build and I was shooting the kitchen diner – it was causing me all sort of challenges due to the placement of the cooker area. Photographically I wanted an image that would say buy me and this is what I came up with. I don’t think I could have delivered that 6 months ago, but my confidence and experience is growing rapidly – so I got arty. I hope you will agree this is an eclectic bunch of shots – which I hope gives you a taster for the world of property. If you have enjoyed the images you may find the links below of interest.

Here are a couple of links that show you the service we provide Waverley and 75 Gray Street also take a look at a schedule  

Finally if you are planning on taking your house to the market let me know – I am confident we can make you very proud of your home – enjoy


    1. Michael that is very kind – quality images in the high end of the UK market has been around for a while however this is pitching at the middle, lower and urgent sales so it is very enjoyable

  1. A great set of shots Scott, I am just about to complete the purchase of a new house which I will be renting out as a holiday home, I’ll keep you in mind.

  2. Being a bit slow off the mark, I was thinking that Marshall fellow had done pretty well with selling his photos to pay for a place like that! It all made sense.

    Then I figured out he’s turning shacks into photos like that and that’s even better!

    It should give you a great sense of accomplishment to master such a different style of photography. My wandering off my beaten photography path have typically been met with amusing results.

    1. It has been a journey Lyle but I feel I have the jist of it – I want to become more consistent – I often have to complete more post processing than I would like so work hard try things and keep improving – that’s the plan.

  3. Very nice work – showing off a great location. I worked for a home magazine for a while and know all too well the challenges of these types of shoots – you have so much working against you and need to pull more than a few rabbits out of your hat to get shots to look this good. Well done!

    1. Cheers Robert – I agree light coming at you from all angles – but it helps to be shooting daily then you get the chance to learn from your mistakes and refine the workflow

  4. VERY neat, Scott. I can’t believe the transformation your photography has gone through over the past two or three years, you have come out of your comfort zones and your images now ooze confidence and clean perfection. From the estate agent’s perspective an ideal mix, I’d say, I hope they pay you what you’re due. Photographs like this are like a well presented shop window and need to attract enough interest to investigate further, which these ones most certainly do.

    1. You are on the button Sonja – photos stir interest which in turn generates foot fall and hopefully then sales. – the winter has been a challenge with lots of post processing for skies – my work levels peak and trough and the salary is very good – so I try to improve in every aspect each time I go out – you never know working for Savills may be possible shooting multi -million properties could be fun.

  5. Some work to be very proud of. I guess you will be coming familiar with the .three elements that cause the most problems. 1. Mirrors, particularly the full length wall to wall mirrors. 2. Bathrooms and Shower Rooms with all the glass and tiles crammed into tight spaces. 3. Finally of course the weather…..moody weather you may get away with but rain! . Enjoy, you have a great business project.

    1. David kind words – Mirrors I love as I can generate more space or at least the more space impression. Shower rooms can be difficult usually due to the constraints of space. But the weather our favorite subject, is the bain of my day. sun and blue skies equals straightforward but the winter has been a challenge and clients have unrealistic expectations especially those that are not there on the day and only have 20 year old recollections of balmy summer childhoods .lol but it is very flexible and we are through the worst that winter can through at us 🙂

  6. Wow, now I really need you. House is on the market, but I’m afraid the expenses don’t run to airfares to Australia 🙂 so you can take the shots. These show how professional you are, congratulations on a new career path and looking at this small sampling I know you’ll go far.

    1. Very kind Lee it helps that I really enjoy it – but mostly I get to travel around Scotland with my petrol paid for so I still get to shoot landscape when I want

  7. These are excellent, Scott. So many property schedules have photos that hardly help to sell the place but every one of these is top notch. Do you work for one property company or are you freelance? It’s very different from your landscape work, so I’m sure it’s often a challenge, but you’ve risen to it supremely well. Good for you.

    1. I worked freelance initially as i wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it full time. But even freelance I worked exclusively for one company. It is different from landscape but understanding light and composition are just the same. It has helped my editing workflow no end – which in turn has benefited the landscape work. Always learning – always trying to improve.

  8. Beautiful property images, Scott! A little off today’s topic, a friend recently sent me an amazing video of a biker named Danny Macaskill riding on the Cuillin Ridgeline. The credits said Scott Marshall was one of two photographers. Was that you?

    1. Unfortunately not me – that would be like Lyle Krahn’s National Geographic telephone call. The Danny Mackaskil video is fab – I want to row in to Loch Corusk like that – thank you thinking I might have been in the frame though 🙏😀

  9. I want that kitchen with the red lighting! Though the last one might do, too! I’m getting ready to sell a house… you want to come out and shoot it? Nothing as fancy or upscale as your examples. 😉

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