Scurdie Ness – Scottish Lighthouse Series

Scurdie Ness Distance Mono

I thought it was about time I posted another from the Scottish Lighthouse Series – this is Scurdie Ness, Ferryden near Montrose. As you will see I am trying to place the lighthouses in their landscape versus close up detail so this is a few miles down the coast – hopefully you will walk through the gate and along the coast to the lighthouse 🙂 enjoy


  1. Scott, you do not post a lot of B&W, if any. It is great work. It seems to me for that landscape and weather condition Black and White is a excellent choice. I love it!

    1. I enjoy when I have the time to really wander around a subject and get options for future visits or seasons or light – the gate caught my initial interest which lead nicely to the subject

  2. Father Ted is demonstrating some plastic toy cows to Dougal.Father Ted: …OK, one last time. These are small… but the ones out there are far away. Small… far away… ah forget it!

    Seriously, great shot.

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