Yesnaby Castle – Sea Stack – Orkney

Yesnaby Castle

One of the highlights of Orkney was this cracking Sea-Stack called Yesnaby Castle. The

blow hole in the bottom left combined with the fact it is made of Old Red Sandstone means the stack wont be like this for ever so worth a trip if you can. I have been a little heavy on the post processing as it was such a bland day – also as I was on honeymoon thought I would be pushing it to hang around for the light to improve – enjoy


  1. Whats to excuse….apart from doing to many photo detours on your honeymoon…I hope the lass really did know what she was letting herself in for.(-:

    1. David – that is on the button but Mandy is also a photographer herself not as compulsive as me but we enjoy exploring and finding new places so it dovetails well 🙂

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