Orkney ~ Broch of Gurness

Orkney ~ Broch of Gurness

To truly appreciate this wonder it has to be an aerial perspective

Archaeological excavations in the early 20th century showed that the village began between 500 and 200BC
(Historical detail copyright Historic Scotland)

Brochs are unique to Scotland. There are over 500 of them, the vast majority spread throughout the northern and western Highlands and the islands. Many of these tall circular towers stood alone, but in Orkney they were generally surrounded by sizeable villages. The broch village at Gurness is one of the most impressive. It has also been archaeologically excavated, thus providing a more vivid impression of life in the Scottish Iron Age than other comparable sites.
(Historical detail copyright Historic Scotland)


  1. Scott, I certainly agree with all of your commentors. Great shot at a unique site. I like the shadowing due to time of day. I wonder if the ancients had cows!

  2. Fantastic use of the drone to show unique Scottish culture. It would be interesting to go back in time and climb the tower.

  3. Playing with the drone again….I am very tempted, but like all tech-know gizmos they seem to progress at a pace and I just keep looking. Nice shot and a great location to get that view with a difference……it is what drones are made for. looking forward to seeing the next location

  4. Ah, the drone strikes again and what a difference that makes! I was staying quite close to there when I was in Orkney. One thing it makes me wonder is whether there was originally an oval shape overall but the sea has eroded in during the last two thousand years.

    1. Yes it was cracking weather day unusual for the Orkney’s – I think it may well have been eroded over a period of time considering the shape and the shore line proximity

    1. I am afraid the cameras are wide angles – no zoom just up and down πŸ™‚ but I do have a direct overhead shot which I will include with the Orkney Overview Post which I hope to get up soon

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