Ring of Brodgar Silhouette

Brodgar Silhouette WM

Unbelievably still working through Orkney images probably due to the fact if you have edited 80 property shots there is not too much motivation to work any more images that evening – I took several shots at the Ring of Brodgar trying to deliver something fresh – not easy nowadays. Anyway the light was fading fast and rather uninspiring but I liked the fading sky against the shape of the stones – what an intriguing place btw well worth a visit and quite affordable from the mainland.


  1. Scott, your photo entices me to visit this place. I think the light resting above each stone and blanketing the horizon works really well.

  2. I think the background of the web page competes with this shot a bit. Perhaps would have been better with a border. Great light though.

    1. I agree with the background of the page competing Murray but simply haven’t had 2 mins to explore manually changing the colour – struggling to keep up with the blog in all honesty – but I want to – all work and no play makes Jack a rather dull boy šŸ™‚

  3. Absolutely beautiful. Sadly when I went it was so foggy you could barely see from one side of the ring to the other. I guess I’ll have to visit again!!

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