Damping Down

Prospect Fire Crews WM

Whilst out in the town this week I spotted emergency blue lights heading up to Prospect Terrace, unfortunately it was towards a fire. Good news it was an empty property and nobody was hurt. The building has been empty for at least a decade, maybe more and was in very poor condition. I was able to catch the shot using my 150-500 mm Sigma lens (from a 1/4 mile distance) on a Tripod. ISO was set at 1600 and I used a 1/2 sec exposure. Naturally there is some movement but I think it captures the mood. I tweeted a version of the image which was widely circulated on social media. Several organisations sought permission to use the image as news footage including STV, BBC NE.  Scottish Fire and Rescue have requested a copy for their website, so altogether worthwhile having my camera – Enjoy


    1. I suppose it is nowadays – more like a military operation – it is a merge of teams there were vehicles from 3 different locations as Lossiemouth is a very small town.

  1. Just shows what you can do with adjustable ISO…….did you try any at a higher rating? I think I mentioned once before that some of my Wildlife Photog colleagues now set ISO on auto and set speed and F/no to match the location and animal. Incredible the low noise levels. But I guess the message is really…have your camera with you at all times.

    1. Definitely have your camera at all time – but I have to admit that my mobile phone has bailed me out on many occasions I have tried higher ratings without noise being too much of an issue. On another point whilst the Fuji XT10 is small and superb quality the D800 still captures more detail – so I may just stick with the larger heavier camera for the moment.

  2. I wasn’t expecting that. Completely different from your usual shots but I’m not at all surprised it’s been in demand. It’s amazing that you snapped it from a quarter of a mile away. It shouldn’t be that good. 🙂

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