Todhead Lighthouse in it’s Landscape

Todhead Lighthouse Landscape S

Well the blog eased past a 100K views (with an amazing  15K visitors) which was a real buzz – the vote for the best image of the year will remain open until the New Year when I will announce the winning image so there is still time to vote on my previous blog. I thought I would finish with a rather arty interpretation of lighthouse called Todhead not far from Stonehaven I have several shots from some very different angles but this is long range shot placing the lighthouse in it’s landscape using the fields to lead your eye to the lighthouse is rather appealing (well I think so) the processing is Infrared for the technically minded – not true Infrared but a photoshop interpretation giving the punchy mono finish. Although I published fewer images this year I have got some good shots along the way. My confidence is growing so we shall see if I can muster 10 images for you to choose from in 2016.

Oh did I mention my new website 🙂 here is the link

So all that remains is to wish you a happy and healthy New Year see you in 2016. Scott


  1. Don’t you think you ought to Photoshop an arrow to highlight the Lighthouse! Just joking…..looking forward to seeing the finished project of all the Scottish Lighthouses, now that must be your New Year Resolution. Cheers

  2. It’s amazing how it draws the eye, and a very happy new year to you, Mandy and the kiddies. I look forward to what you create in 2016. Your website is a triumph.

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