Image of the Year 2015

Perfect Imbalance
Reflection in Loch Eilt

Thank you all for taking the time to vote on my Image of the Year Post 

The result was pretty convincing with No3 Perfect Imbalance taking 30% of the vote 2nd Jointly was No1 From the Darkness  and No9 Red Boat so there you go. I better work hard to match these images for 2016 personally I was very proud of Shadow Angelical purely from an edit perspective, hey but that is Photography – entirely subjective. Overall I am pleased the way I have moved forward in my post processing skills and composition. I have set myself a few challenges for 2016 but you will just have to keep visiting to see what they are 🙂

Finally if you have few moments please take the link to my newly published website  any feedback would be appreciated. Sales have yet to be activated that is a project for February – thank you all for you great blog posts and inspiration get clicking 🙂


  1. The perfection is the reflection.
    I will take this image with me today…It’s breathtakingly beautiful!
    Your work is truly inspiring.

  2. A very worthy winner Scott although I have to say, I loved Shadow Angelical too and I think you are very much justifiably proud of the photograph! All the best for 2016!

  3. This is indeed stunning, although I did vote for the Red Boat shot 🙂 Goes to reiterate, photography is so so so subjective. There have been shots I’ve taken that I didn’t think were ‘all that’ and everybody exploded with praises and then were shots that I did think were ‘all that’ and more and only received a so-so reception. Eh. Photography 🙂

    Keep on doing what your doing, always lovely to see your images, Scott.

  4. Loved the red boat picture myself! Website looks great – will take more time to look at it, but in the meantime, I love the simplicity and space for the pictures to take centre stage.

  5. Hey Scott, not surprising Perfect Imbalance won, but all your images were worthy. The website looks terrific! Wish you success once you complete the sales aspect with it.

  6. A very worthy winner. Since we don’t see your pictures before processing we can’t assess what you do to them, but they always look great. I think your website’s magnificent, I find it very easy to negotiate my way around. The lighthouse collection is spectacular.

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