Castle on the Hill


Lots of misty atmosphere on my way out to Lairg last week didn’t even spot Carbisdale Castle silhouetted in the low cloud it was pure luck I spotted it when checking the image was sharp on the camera – lucky me


    1. Thanks it still on market for £900,000 plus a £6 million repair bill. I staid in it back in my schooldays the statue gallery and moving foot paintings pkus a run in with a ghost is indelibly stamped in my mind – the statues were sold for more than the house is on the market for – I really wanted to see the statue gallery again it transfixed me but I’m afraid that wont be happening

      1. How great that you stayed there, Scott, and have those happy memories. I last went about a dozen years ago. It’s terrible sad that it should have fallen so low. There’s a portrait of my G G Grandfather there that I trying to reclaim (= buy, I suppose!).

    1. Currently for a mere £900,000 but I beleive it comes with a £6.5 million repair bill plus running costs – I stayed there as a teenager and trust me – we encountered a ghost so it would perfectly fit Halloween

    1. Angela thank you for commenting – It was a Nikon D800 with 24-85mm lens – glad you liked it – please look through my previous posts I am sure will enjoy my portfolio.

  1. Lovely image, Scott. 🙂 Made me smile because as we were driving home in the Yorkshire Dales yesterday Mick remarked on the castle in among the trees. What castle? I said. That sandy coloured thing with a pointed roof and no leaves, said the husband. (it was quite a long way off!)

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