Gollanfield Copse Sunset


One of my favorite Tree Copses silhouetted against a rather special sky – I have so many variants of this tree its like a drug you just keep taking – enjoy


  1. I recently read a very moving article about the way tree copses and trees in forests are like extended families…how they care for each other and protect each other. I have always loved trees…but it gave me an entirely different outlook.
    Wonderful photo…thanks for sharing.

    1. cheers – there are quiet a few small copses in the highlands especially amongst farmscapes – so perhaps you are correct – maybe they are ancient families.

  2. Scott, very well done…beautiful image. I can understand the allure. This image could be an oasis in a desert or island in the ocean. But it is best as viewed for what it is…a stand of trees against an amazing sky.

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