The Angels Share

Not been getting too many shots that I feel are worthy of sharing tbh but this was a joyous trip out in between the rather challenging weather (from a property photographers perspective). This is the scene of the filmset for the “Angels Share” a Ken Loach comedy. The light was decent and with the cracking backdrop – I had no choice really – Anyway if you haven’t seen the film – I do recommend it.


  1. The weather has seemed a bit more unsettled than usual lately. Not inspiring for wimpy photographers like me! BUT we just got back from a road trip (thus the delay in commenting) that seems to have provided material for future posts.
    Surely spring will decide to return some day……? 😀

  2. Weather was spot on for the location…. created just the right atmosphere. Can I also suggested that blogging isn’t always about ‘sharing’ the best shots you have but sharing your experiences in your part of the world. It is always a fresh view for me and I guess many others 🙂

    1. Of course David that’s an excellent point – will do. Guess what I was meaning was mainly taking property currently getting little time for shots that I want. Although getting around Skye, Pennan Arisaig – unfortunately I lost an SD card with loads of Crackers from Arisaig- first time that had happened – gutted me tbh…

      1. That is a misfortune I have not had with digital cards…thankfully. My only lost was theft. We had been at Blair Athol photographing interiors/exteriors and the Duke for Heritage Magazine. We were heading back home and stopped in Perth and had the caravan stolen. The shoot had been done on medium format film so as always they films were stored in the fridge. We got the caravan back thanks to a very determined Detective based in Perth, but not for over a week. The caravan was back undamaged but everything inside was gone, films included. I did go back a couple of weeks later to re-shoot. Blair were very good but sadly the Duke was too ill (he died very shortly after). I know I have been lucky. But every time I travel thru Perth and pass Blair the inner wrath rises. I know who stole the van and due to a plea bargain all he got was some community service and £150 fine

      2. It could have been worse….we had been to 3 other Castles on the trip. As the images would be needed quickly I had sent them off by post for processing. As we were on the home run there didn’t seem to be the need to send these on in advance. there you go!

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