Chanonary Point


So as an infrequent blogger – one has to deliver a bit of wow (to hopefully show you are still shooting just not sharing) This is a shot I had visualised for quite a while. Conditions have to be spot on as your putting a lot of money over the water. Also from a risk assessment perspective, we are just outside the Inverness airport area (literally across the water) plus the usual dolphin hunters. So you have to move into position along the coastline over the sea for most of the flight. This is all about planning – tide, weather and knowledge of where the sun is going to be are all in the mix. The lighthouse is a tad overexposed but ill sort that next time. Just pleased she returned to me dry – enjoy


  1. Hi Scott, that lovely photo brings back memories. About 15 years ago we took a trip on a small boat out of Avoch. As we passed the lighthouse, several dolphins suddenly erupted all round the boat and played for about 10 minutes. We knew there were dolphins in the firth and had watched them at a distance from Spey Bay. This was my first experience of them really close too – now I am actively involved with dolphin research…

    1. Well that’s a hell of a story – those dolphins are a real tourist draw and normally the point is full of spotters with big lenses. There was a couple of dolphins the day I took this but not too active.

  2. Which are you on the shoreline?. As you know we love Chanonary Point and all the Black Isle for that matter….it was home for 7 days last September at Rosemarkie…..7 hot sunny days but no Dolphins this trip. But that is some great shot, puts the Point into its proper perspective. (have to get a drone) 🙂

    1. I’m not on the group of three but on the eastern shore about level with the lighthouse. We were there for 3 days before moving up the coast to Wick. Similar weather only seen a couple of dolphins but wasn’t looking tbh. I have taken shots of the lighthouse here before but have never been satisfied with them due to the elevated location- could never get the angle I wanted.

      1. In hiding then! TBO we hadn’t expected to see Dolphins on that trip, late September is not a good time…but we have had the pleasure on previous visits. (if you go back to my archive October 19th you can see my take on the Black Isle)

  3. Eric has sent our drone out over the creek and the OCEAN!!! Made me really nervous, but the shots he returned with were pretty spectacular. Can truly sympathize with getting the conditions just right.
    Gorgeous shot and well worth the effort!

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