Castle Sinclair Girnigoe

Castle Sinclair Girnigoe mono

Just when I was getting up a blogging head of steam – along came a busy work period, I am concentrating on the drone currently and got some interesting shots coming up – but this is the location of the year so far – hard core drama by the sea – enjoy


20 thoughts on “Castle Sinclair Girnigoe

    1. You know I have photographed this from afar with a long lens and walked partially down the path to decide not to bother – then fortunately I saw some shots online and realised what an amazing landscape.

      1. Well, you’re pretty close, you can choose your times. There’d be lots of drone opportunities including from slightly elevated viewpoints off the edge of the cliff where you can’t tell it’s actually a drone shot.

    1. yep, that’s the idea – do a shoot take a trip – that said I would like to spend more time on what I want to shoot – haven’t quite got the balance – spot on yet. But we all have to work to pay our way…

  1. Now Scot that is dramatic…wish it was my image.

    But then I might like Gunta have added colour 🙂 Now that you have wetted our appetite for drone images you best not leave us wanting . Cheers

    1. David – it is complete drama from every angle – but you must get up close to fully appreciate it – I badly wanted to launch the drone out over the sea but winds were a little fresh and light wasn’t right. But this whole coast has wowed me. I didn’t know of it prior to a few property shoots that way. But after a few trips I realised this was a caravan trip – and boy did we enjoy it.

      1. Hi Scott.. It is a great stretch of coastline between the A99 and the coast…..I thought I knew it reasonable well but missed completely Castle Sinclair. Even been to Noss Head which looking at the map is a stones throw away but failed to dig out this little treasure 🙂

      2. Yes we walked between the Castle and Noss Head – there is a great Bay below the Castle too which is easily missed – lots of stacked stones very dramatic. Watch out for my Aerial Broch shots coming soon to blog near you 🙂

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