Moray Coast – Hopeman


A lot of fun shooting these aerial shots of the Moray Coast – the lead shot is the rather picturesque Hopeman Harbour – then I attempted to compose a look down shot where I liked the colours and textures. The third image took my breath away with the detail in the depth of focus for a tiny lens 7mm. and finally a rigged example of coastal erosion – enjoy.


  1. Love them all, but color and texture is a favorite. THings look so wonderfully intriguing and different from on high!

  2. I don’t know…its a bit like waiting for a Bus. None, then along come 4 all at the same time. Like you I am always amazed at the detail from such small lenses and camera on drones…makes the Nikons look rather oversized!. Still tempted to try my hand but not sure I want the hassle of learning then carrying the gear (I tend to travel light these days) . Hopeman looks great. 🙂

    1. Your bus analogy made me smile, I tend to turn to blogging when I feel I am on top of things work-wise and life wise. Which in turn seems to be when I have had some time to do photography that I want, as opposed to simply paying the bills, don’t get me wrong my job is great and I get lots of satisfaction from it but equally, I know it constrains my photographic development in terms of trying new things. So I am going to focus on aerial for the next few months. Interestingly now that I have had a bit of time to think, I have been looking at either an MA in Art History or an MA in Photography. The courses would start in October if I get the funding. The dilemma here is would studying further constrain my photographic development or free it up. I am trying to decide on that just now. My wife has started studying again and all my kids are studying too and I am inspired to study again after an 8-year break.

      1. They say you are never to old to learn… Art History is fascinating (we did it as part of our Photography Course but I think all of us on the course were to arrogant … and maybe to young….to really benefit and learn from it). The Photography course may be more rewarding in all directions. Lets know what direction you choose 🙂

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