Eilean Musdile

Some of you who have followed my blog over the years will be aware of my Lighthouse Project well this summer has allowed me to bag a few more. These shots were all taken from the Mull Ferry out of Oban from both directions early AM and mid-evening light all quite different. I especially enjoyed the passing ferry shot as I saw the possibility from early on and simply waited for the composition to work. Enjoy!

Eilean Musdile - in to lightLismoreLismore Evening SunClansman at Lismore


  1. Just managed to catch up on the blog. Glad you haven’t abandoned the Lighthouse Project and no doubt the addition of a few more Drone shots. A couple of years ago we were on a cruise in Icelandic Fiords and there was a very brave guy flying his drone from the ship. He got some fantastic images….but not sure that I would have been confident of not loosing the drone into the icy waters and certainly no means of recovery.

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