Nybster Broch – Caithness

Nybster Broch Caithness

This is the Nybster Broch, first excavated by Sir Francis Tress Barry in about 1900.[2] A broch is an Iron Age building that is unique to Scotland. This one was probably built between about 200 BC and 200 AD and re-used during the Pictish period (AD 300 – 800). “Wikipedia”

If you venture upon this amazing project – you can see something has been excavated but you have no real appreciation of what an amazing construction it is. However, an aerial view changes everything. Throw in the dramatic coastal location and wow – enjoy


  1. Great aerial image Scott, really shows the layout of these fabulous structures. There are a couple of cracking examples in the Orkney Isles and one we visited on Lewis.

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