Train Spotting

SpottersA Canon of Spotters

Very much a year of trying something different pulling in to London Euston on the Caledonian Sleeper we were presented with this glorious view perfect for my little Fuji – shooting from the hip on Auto… Which of the 2 shots do you prefer?


  1. Both so good, yet so different. I do prefer the first shot more – four guys with ‘energy’ written all over! I can picture comment clouds above each one – all in a different frame of mind.. pun not intended, but cute! 🙂

  2. First one. They are totally engrossed in what they are doing and cover many of the actions of ‘taking the photo’ – from waiting your turn, to chimping, to getting the right angle, to the bloke on the left who seems to be saying “but there’s nothing to take yet!”

  3. I like the first one ’cause all four of them are totally engaged in something. The expression on the first dude is hilarious. Love the fashion statement of the last guy.

  4. Scott,
    Tough choice since both images reflect so much. I like certain aspects about each one, but in the end I like the second just a wee bit better…I think it’s the man looking at you !

  5. Top one.. top shot! Isn’t it great people watching. Mind you, they probably think we are daft lugging cameras and big bags around for no defined purpose such as Train Spotting. Strange blokes these photographers 🙂

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