Macallan Modernity

Not going to say much here but if you get the chance you simply must visit – one of the most stunning buildings I have ever seen. Costing 142 million and built in to the hillside – simply mind blowing. FYI, Shots were hand held at F8 low shutter and high ISO due to low light and no tripods.


  1. First I wondered if this is a modern museum. Haha.
    I had no idea what “Macallan” is but I searched on the Internet.

  2. Hi Scott, I’ve visited loads of Whisky distilleries in the past and most of the time they don’t let you take photos inside – which is a shame because there are few man made objects as photogenic as a copper still. Were you on a commercial job when you took these?

  3. I had to go a’googling, Scott; I had no idea what and where ‘Macallan’ was!
    Such an interesting building, to be sure. I love the opulence. I guess there’s huge money in the Scotch Whisky trade.
    Great images!

    1. If I challenged you to google that is excellent – I forget sometimes how international the audience is. Whisky is a huge earner for Scotland not a huge employer directly but the spin-off employment and money into the treasury and local economies is huge. It also draws a lot of visitors to the Highlands too. I love the fact that it is blended into the landscape (although these are all interior images) . As a company it was it was started in 1824 ( well legalised anyway) prior to that it was effectively moonshine 🙂

      1. I was fascinated by the images I found of the ‘outside’ of the structure; incredibly modern and state of the art, so to speak. Would love to see yours, should you have taken some!?

    1. It is all that and more, it has wow in every department, They even brought in Magnum photographers to monitor the build in progress (Steve McCurry, Paulo Pellegrin, and Alex Soth) there is a full Magnum Photographic Exhibition which is free entry. It was wild

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