National Railway Museum


So continuing my recent travels next stop after York Minster was the National Railway Museum – a wee treat for Mandy (and wanted some numbers – lol) who works in the industry and for me to finally see “Mallard” – I think I was born in to the wrong era in some ways – I would have loved to have seen more of both Steam Trains and the Great Steamships – I recall doing a project at School about the “Blue Riband” which was an unofficial accolade given to the passenger liner crossing the Atlantic Ocean in regular service with the record highest speed. The last winner was the SS America – a ship I would loved to have seen. Anyway how does this all lead to trains – well I supposed it was comfort over speed and they were certainly very pleasing on the eye. Anyway this first blog is a homage to the NRM Advertising posters – “Head shots of the main players” – more to come – keep watching.



  1. Yep days of past glory. I am so ancient that I can recall Steam train journeys as part of my ‘young’ working life.
    Talk of fast easy rail travel as something new make me laugh. When I worked as a Photographer for Simon Engineering I often had to travel to London from Manchester.
    I could park my car at the local station (no charge) catch an early(ish) train, have a breakfast, arrive do a reasonably full day, catch the train back, have a meal and be back by 7pm All by steam train on a direct line down the middle of the country, a line that Beaching closed. I should add, carrying a large 5×4 Tech Camera bag, heavy wood tripod and usually a large box of large Flash Bulbs….and that wasn’t a problem as there was always a Porter to help. Nor do I think the cost was as eye watering as now. The actual journey was fun.

    1. Yes – the Beeching cuts were to far reaching – I dont enjoy trains now too busy and too many drunks invading your space, but the NRM was fabulous, more to come this is just a wee teaser.

  2. Love trains. If you’re on Pinterest check out my Trains board.
    I used to be a locomotive engineer. Still miss “riding the rails”.
    Nice photographs!

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