Five of Ireland’s Castles

After my two rather dark posts I thought I would post something a little brighter and more upbeat. A collection of 5 of Ireland’s lovely Castles not as lovely as Scotland’s Castles naturally but very lovely all the same. The lead image is in the most magical location on the North Coast near Bushmills in County Antrim “Dunseverick Castle” (location location, location). The Castle in glorious sunshine is “Dunguaire Castle” in County Galway. The Ivy covered magnificence is “Menlo Castle” also in County Galway. Our Towerhouse in monochrome is “Ross Castle” which in all honesty I would have needed the drone to show its cracking location but due to post hurricane winds that simply wasn’t happening. And the last image is The “Rock of Cashel” – which also due to its location would have suited a drone shot but – weather wise it simply wasn’t happening but the long lens offers a taste of the drama. Overall I was hugely impressed with Ireland and will definitely return on a photographic trip.


  1. Ross Castle is the only place I have ever seen a pair of firecrests mating (and pretty much the only time I have seen the species). The ruined Abbey on the island there is special too.

    1. Well tbh the weather was poor – lots of cloud flat light and very windy so didn’t get the chance to fully explore but the Abbey sound great, I also think if I had got the drone airborne there was real; possibilities for the Castle.

  2. Maybe not as lovely as Scotland’s Castle’s but not bad….. I see the weather was even more similar than the castles 🙂 and you did find just a little sun.

    1. The weather was horrific tbh, arrived straight in to a tropical storm although the country was set up for a Hurricane so that changed our plans but it was great recce trip, I would definitely return especially Eire, which I was hugely impressed by and easy to reach via ferry, clean good value and welcoming with great food n drink, whats not to like, but mainly not overcrowded like a larger Highlands just not so dramatic although coastline is equally dramatic.

      1. Some years since I have been to Eire and keep saying need to get back. Love the Antrim Coast in the north as well….. but being honest I still prefer Scotland.

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