Dark Steam KF 607

KF 607 600 Arty

Oh the power and the drama – an artistic interpretation of China Railways KF Class

In July 1933, the Guangdong–Hankou Railway was in need of new motive power for their newly finished Guangzhou to Shaoguan line (capital of Guangdong Province to the northern border of the province). However, this particular line had been burdened with gradients of around two percent as well as curves with less than 250 m (0.16 mi) radi, and low capacity bridges. This necessitated a locomotive design that had more tractive effort while retaining a low axle load. The railway approached the Vulcan Foundry in Britain, who devised a series of 24 locomotives of a 4-8-4 wheel arrangement.

Most of the class KF survived the 1937 – 1945 Sino-Japanese war. They retained their old classification and continued in service up to early 1970s. Thanks Wikipedia

So there you go big powerful and sensual all in one….. Choo Choo


      1. I remember reading somewhere that a photographer was keeping all his “bad” photos, waiting for the day when a new editing program would be invented to make them all “good.” I am waiting for that time too!!! YIKES!

    1. You know I spent several hours working on this and in the end just decided to post it. I am sure there are still flaws but I am happy with it. It was only after I posted it that I realised that I have a bit dark on the previous post too. Which frightens some bloggers away, ha ha. Spread out the darkness is the secret.

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