Back2Film Syndrome


I thought I would share some background on the disease I have contracted for film cameras. It all started with buying a decent example of a Yashica FX-D 35mm film camera. This was my first camera which I bought not long after 1983 – due to the leatherette finish absorbing moisture from you fingers which ruined the grip and visual appeal.  A decent example was a struggle to find . But eventually after a long look I came across a lovely refurbished one. It was joyous – once in hand it felt like it had only been in a box in the cupboard for the last 35 years – it felt exactly how I remembered it . One thing led to another and I started to pick up a few others that I had fancied. The more I bought, the more I saw and the more I learned the spiral had begun. I started to pick up a few bargains, keep the best versions and sell on the others. Anyway it got completely out of hand I hit 97 cameras and ran out of space. So now I sell them online via my ETSY shop Back2Film. This blog was to show you some of the models that have passed through my hand – I have most of the well known classics – so please have a look at Back2Film and if what you fancy, is not there drop me a line I am sure I can source what you are after. Enjoy


  1. Huh! Loved my first Pentax SLR (don’t remember the model but bought it in ’73 or ’74). Even had some nifty lenses for it. I would love to go back to that super simple, easy to use camera, but not about to go back to film. Not a trade I’m willing to make these days.

    1. Hey I can see why you would love the Pentax – I recently sold a Pentax ME Super, love the size of it just not the top plate arrangement. Although I do have a Pentax MX which I love to bits – so compact and robust.

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