Boddam Lighthouse


This is a very difficult Lighthouse to get a decent photograph of due to its location. Most ground shots don’t allow you to depict the dramatic location. On this occasion I had to work very quickly due to loads of cloud about to kill any interesting light. Luckily enough I was gifted a brief splash of interesting light just before it went flat. I was hoping to try several different compositions but this snap shot will have to do for this trip. Either way it’s been a while since I posted a lighthouse so enjoy!

Buchan Ness Lighthouse was established in 1827 by Robert Stevenson. The Lighthouse is 35 metres high with red bands (hand painted on tower 1907) There are 166 steps to top of tower. The Light is visible 18nm away.

During the Second World War, a drifting mine washed ashore and exploded 50 yards south of the station. No one was injured and the material damage consisted of 3 lantern panes cracked and 12 other glass panes broken in the tower, engine room and dwelling houses. Part of the ceilings of the kitchen and one bedroom of the 1st Assistant’s house were brought down and the locks, hinges and bolts of 4 doors damaged. There were also 20 slates blown off the roof storehouse.

There have been many changes since 1827 in the light, in 1910 to dioptric, in 1978 the lantern was especially enlarged with the candlepower raised from 6,500 to 786,000 and in 1978, it was converted to electric operation, candlepower 2,000,000.

The lighthouse was automated in 1988 and is now remotely monitored from the Board’s headquarters in Edinburgh. The fog horn was discontinued in 2000.


    1. The laws are sensible but we now have to register but it is common sense and where I am in the Highlands there is plenty of quiet free space when the weather allows of course.

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