Woodland Walk

Took these whilst out with a photography group – the brief was to shoot texture and colour as it presents itself. I used a 105mm lens handheld. The key aim was not to be perfect but to shoot freely on what grabs your attention. The light was mixed – but I really enjoyed looking and spending time, I was pleased with the results and will definitely be doing this again in different seasons. Enjoy


  1. Isn’t it marvelous the things you see and capture when you pay attention to the tiny things? Great captures. You definitely should be doing more of them.

    1. I tend to get the best results when I go and try things without any great expectation. These were handheld – I am not sure I could be bothered with tripods and reflectors etc. But I have just upgraded my DSLR so I will have to do a comparison shoot.

      1. Carrying all that extra gear would most certainly spoil the experience for me. I even switched to a Sony 6300 in order to be less encumbered.

      1. Stop showing off!!!! I am hanging onto my cash, all these tempting offers and new models have to be resisted. Like my D800 but love my DX. Anyway I am glad you have taken up my ‘hobby’ of woodland walkies with just a camera. But I guess your walk was more of a natter with a good pub at the end of it 🙂 Nice to hear from you.

      1. Yes evidence aplenty but seems to see em u need to have local knowledge- most of the shots we see at camera clubs are taken by people who have paid to use hides etc

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