River Down Below

So this if it works is an idea I have had for a while to publish some associated music, then I got the idea to try and take pictures that reflected the image. I got rather addicted to listening to a track by Riverside called “Take me to the River Down Below”.  This collection of images is the result of that mini project. Please listen in conjunction with the music – Enjoy

This is the music link ….>>>>>>>>> Riverside “Take me to the River down below”


  1. Lovely… Looking straight down is such a unique experience. Things look so different shot from a drone. Looks like you’re having fun with it! 😀

  2. Well I still haven’t bought a drone…would love one but somehow haven’t the courage to take the plunge….maybe one day. Like your idea of mixing images with music. Many years ago I used to do an environmental orientated audio visual presentation based upon the seasons. Twin Kodak projector unit and whilst the merging of images to the sound of the music did make them appear to move I always wished I had more of a film like movement. Now we have the digital means to do that. Still my presentations seemed to please my audiences, enabled me to get my wildlife conservation message across in an easy way…and cannot have been that bad as often invited back to do a repeat show. I also guess I had the most fun putting it all together (any one in the market for a twin Kodak Carousel Projection Audio unit)

    1. I love a video presentation – with modern software it is so easy. But I get irritated with the music copyright thing (although I of course fully agree with it). Well regarding the drone – I will let you know when I plan to upgrade mine lol. Even Hasselblad are in on the act now – with the latest DJI, Drone sporting a Hasselblad camera. And of course your Kodak Carousel like film cameras have will make a return.

      1. Not sure just why this fashionable fad to return to Film should be so popular….. after all the years of shooting film I and rather pleased with the added freedoms of digital. I have a friend in Birmingham who is part of a camera group (mainly pro or semi pro’s) they had a Saturday of shooting film in the city. The options were colour neg or B&W. From what I have seen since it would appear that whilst they shot film they also subsequently scanned the images. Why…simply because it gave them the independence to crop, tint, shade, etc as they wanted. I will stick with my Digital Nikons thank you 🙂 As for drones we seem to have so many restrictions as to where we can fly in this area that I would find it rather restricting….still tempted.

      2. I am with you, I don’t think the quality is there, and your right why shoot film to scan it – print it Yes I get that, the drone flying restrictions can be got around with some planning and a little knowledge, My Air Traffic background has helped remove the fear, also the MOD are very positive to those Drone users that engage with them, As long as you are away from airports and built up areas you will be fine, I was flying at Bullers of Buchan and Boddam Lighthouse today really light winds but flat light unfortunately but worthwhile recce trips.

      3. Local authorities here are getting tough with bans and even in the Peak District you have to have authority to fly a drone….. the odds against seem to be getting harder. Although it is still a pipe dream of mine I hate to think that bureaucracy is restricting the genuine activities of others…. also a bit rich when one considers all the CCTV surveillance and face recognition that is happening right in front of us. Now how does that square with privacy

      4. Privacy is a factor, but it is as much about airspace regulation too, But to be honest it is an easy fix – you cant drive without a licence so a simple test and written exam and everything is sorted. The technology developed faster than the legislation. In actual fact the government targeted the commercial side – if you consider what has been happening in Afghanistan and Iraq by drone over the last decade combined with how fast mobile phone technology has developed and you have created a “Cask Strength Whisky” a wonderful experience but not everybody’s taste. The biggest risks I face when flying are – the weather and geography. But if I am patient I will get some great results – I have some 250 decent aerial shots currently – of that 250 20 are real crackers, But now I am planning like a normal shoot, weather tide where the sun is what am I trying to achieve? I have many shots identified just waiting for the right conditions to arise. In only 8 years it went from an airborne compact camera with a fish eye lens – to being a RAW capable DSLR/Mirrorless with a VR dampened lens. We are now seeing abstracts, time lapse and long exposure from a moving platform. Scary really.

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