River Down Below

So this if it works is an idea I have had for a while to publish some associated music, then I got the idea to try and take pictures that reflected the image. I got rather addicted to listening to a track by Riverside called “Take me to the River Down Below”.  This collection of images is the result of that mini project. Please listen in conjunction with the music – Enjoy

This is the music link ….>>>>>>>>> Riverside “Take me to the River down below”

3 thoughts on “River Down Below

  1. Lovely… Looking straight down is such a unique experience. Things look so different shot from a drone. Looks like you’re having fun with it! 😀

  2. Well I still haven’t bought a drone…would love one but somehow haven’t the courage to take the plunge….maybe one day. Like your idea of mixing images with music. Many years ago I used to do an environmental orientated audio visual presentation based upon the seasons. Twin Kodak projector unit and whilst the merging of images to the sound of the music did make them appear to move I always wished I had more of a film like movement. Now we have the digital means to do that. Still my presentations seemed to please my audiences, enabled me to get my wildlife conservation message across in an easy way…and cannot have been that bad as often invited back to do a repeat show. I also guess I had the most fun putting it all together (any one in the market for a twin Kodak Carousel Projection Audio unit)

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