Elgin in Lockdown

Standing in the middle of the road in an empty city

This is 4pm during the height of lockdown in Elgin, Scotland, our whole region has really supported the government Covid_19 measures – the compliance is paying off with Tier 1 status offering far more freedoms than the rest of the country. It was a very odd experience having complete freedom to shoot from wherever I choose (in this case stood in the middle of the road) a photography judge would say it needed a person – but this is a record shot which I may not get the chance to replicate.


  1. I have kept on meaning to get into town and take advantage of the quiet streets….. but as usual other things get in the way… Have to say the majority here in Derby are doing the right thing. Trouble is there is a significant number who think restrictions don’t apply to them. Nor can you blame any age group…. it crosses the spectrum. Elgin as never seen before (and stuff the judges) 🙂

    1. Michael, I trust you are well, we have been very lucky with some of the best stats in the UK until just recently and certainly nothing as tough as your nation has had to endure. Hopefully we are starting to come through this my father is getting vaccinated today.

  2. It is so strange to see cities and towns with no people. This is one for the history books. Let’s home life will return to normal in the spring (if not, sooner). 😊

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