Dawn in December

An exquisite December Dawn on Covesea beach with the tide out – the darkest image is 25 minutes before sunrise, the rich colour is 3 minutes before sunrise and the Lighthouse shot is 3 minutes after sunrise.


  1. What fabulous photos, Scott. I do so love sunrises and this one is simply stunning. Wishing you a wonderful Christmastime.

    1. Thank you Isabella and thanks for dropping by – I can now head of to your blog for a catch up – blogging has fallen to the wayside due to work I am afraid.

  2. Beauty, Scott!

    I spent a holiday staying at the lighthouse many years ago.

    My father worked for the NLB and Covesea was one of my parents’ favourite holiday retreats.

    1. Yes my favorite time too, equally at sunset the best colour comes afterwards – it always amazes me how the beach empties as soon as the sun has set – people miss so much.

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