How about this gorgeous Yashica 635 which I was lucky enough to procure. As you know my film camera collection got completely out of hand so I started an Etsy Shop which I call Back2Film to sell on those I dont have space for but this is most definitely a keeper. Much better value than a Rollieflex.

Yashica-635 is a double format film TLR camera made by Yashica and introduced in c.1958.[1]

It is enhanced Yashica-D with the added ability to use 35mm film as an alternative to 120. To use 35mm requires an adaptor kit. This feature is very useful, effectively making two great cameras in one. When shooting 120 film, the standard 80mm lends itself well for landscape or architecture but lacks focal length needed for portraits. However, when loaded with 35mm the 80mm lens is ideal for portraits. Conversion kit includes mask assembly, pressure plate, take-up spool adapter and cartridge and adapters. The lens is Yashikor 80mm f/3.5 in Copal-MXV shutter with speeds 1-1/500. Rewind knob for 35mm is on upper left side of the camera. Among collectors, the 635 is more desirable than the Yashica-D


    1. It is also giving a home where they may get used again – film is very much in – I think people have realised the digital offers to much detail where film offers a feeling/mood etc to achieve the same in digital means lots of post processing.

      I have had the privilege to handle some dreamy cameras – I really love the simple ones – Pentax Asahi Spotmatic SP II is a perfect example of solid quality and simplicity.

  1. I still have a Yashicamat boughtb1960/1. It was a great workhorse both in my Press Days and early Industrial work….. not used for a few years now, but bet it like new

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