River Lossie Nature

So I wouldn’t regard myself as a nature photographer by any means – I mean I was brought up watching Phil Lanoue (Gaitors) and Lyle Krahn (Bears, Elk) who now focuses on cartoons (and boy are they good) frequently wow us with seriously wild nature images that took your breath away.

Lockdown however gave me a chance to try my hand with the big 500mm lens and build my muscles up whilst practicing my timing. First thing that was obvious to me was the need to understand your targets habits (to help predict action) also I found low sun of the morning and late evening were easiest to handle. Anyway you would be surprised by what I came across just down my local river. I love the Terns, Heron and of course our regular summer visit by Osprey’s who are growing in number but so then is there popularity. Anyway I thought I would share just a few. Technical stuff Nikon D850 with a Sigma 150mm to 500mm shooting at high ISO F4 – Enjoy


  1. Hope along Oystercatcher πŸ™‚ I am reluctant to take my Sigma out, it is so heavy. Love the quality images but maybe its an age thing…… I am looking to travelling light. Nor an I contemplating heading for the gym to tone up the muscles..

  2. That tern must be bragging to all her (?) friends how she’s such a hot looking bird when the truth is the photographer is the one who’s made her made look awesome. Hat’s off my friend – you, your muscles and the light are all getting along quite nicely! Oh and thanks for the shout out!

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