A Rainbow Post

I thought this picture was fitting to confirm my blog was in fact still functioning. I have started taking photographs again but I have just been so busy in the property market and with life in general that blogging has been set to one side. Recently however I have started to prioritise things other than work things and have been going out for evening walks and taking the camera along for the step count so here is one of the results – It is a rather uplifting image. Especially as I have just received my second vaccination today as well.


  1. Nice shot, Scott. It seems to be holding up the clouds – very pretty.
    Also good to read of your second vaccination. I’ve had my first. The second will be in two weeks!

    1. Well by now I rekon you will have had your second – Scotland has taken the vaccine really well – apart from the 18-30 group – some doubters I am afraid.

      1. Yes, we had similar here with the younger ones. However, we’ve just had a break out of the Delhi strain causing a number of lockdowns. Many younger people are opting to have the controversial Aztar Zeneca jab, of which we have an abundance. It’s amazing what a little fear can do!
        My second jab is next Tuesday.

  2. Nice one, Scott. Bonus supernumerary and trace of a secondary bow. 🌈 The sun must have still been fairly high in the sky, so not a late evening walk then?


    1. When I see these shots – I just pull over – in my head I am telling myself – if you dont stop and shoot – you have passed beauty bye πŸ™‚

  3. Welcome back Scott ! Life can certainly get in the way of equally important stuff !
    Through the gate, across the field and over the rainbow…great shot !!

    1. Michael – on the ball as always – not taking as many photos as I want to – just paying the bills – but happy to have work tbh, I trust you are smiling through the challenges

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