Three Shetland Lighthouses

To travel so far (14 hours on the ferry) it would be rude not to capture a few Lighthouses – I bagged 6 for my Scottish Lighthouse Project which I am unlikely to passing by again soon 🙂 but you just dont know. Here I share three lovely shots hopefully you will agree. Next Blog scenes from the Shetland TV series. (Sumburgh – Bressay – Eshaness)


    1. Aye a ferry trip and a half complete with facemasks the whole journey – we needed a dram at the other end.

      How is the vaccine program going your end?

      1. We thought we were safe to open up for awhile… until the Delta variant started making its presence known. We managed to eat out at a few favorite restaurants, but since we’re in an area with a lot of stupid yahoos who refuse to mask, we’re not taking any chances. We’re actually quite content to stay home and watch the amazing wildlife here in our backyard.

        Hard telling what the actual vaxx counts are because the idiots running our county health department were so bad that the state had to take over running things. I don’t trust any of the stats they’re putting out at the moment. They’re showing us as being one of the safest areas in the state, BUT I don’t believe a word of it…. we also get a LOT of tourists running up and down the main coastal route. It’s a rare thing to see any masks. Best to just hunker down for the duration.

    2. Sorry to hear about the mask thing – we have been very fortunate in Scotland where people continue to wear masks with only a few people pushing back – I dont know if you will be able to read this BBC press report – you may get an international version of the page – but these are the very details stats we get given every day – which show trends and vaccine stats and infection rates across Scotland as a whole

  1. Fascinating places, Scott. I’d love to ‘go inside’. &
    Loved the Shetland series. It’s been on Netflix – I want more!!! 🙂

    1. Agreed Carolyn – rather addictive if you are Scottish – so to know you were watching across the pond is just great – my latest post should fit the bill

  2. I loved Shetland and hoped to return last year – even thought of staying for a longer period. But alas, that was not to be. It is fun traveling with you. Did you get to the Victoria’s Vintage Tea Rooms in Unst? Would it be great to visit when Up Helly Aa fire festivals were going strong?

    1. We never got across to Unst – right up to the ferry point but no further – we travelled as foot passengers – had a couple of days wandering Lerwick and then had a Hire Car. Mandy loved it to bits to the point we would like to move – but have to figure out the finances – Uists next

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