Jimmy Perez’s Lerwick

When on Shetland you have to chase the TV locations and we did 🙂

Commercial Street looking towards The Queens Hotel
Commercial Street Slipway
McBains Hotel – Crime Scene

Bains – Queens – RNLI Lerwick

The Lodberries – Jimmy’s House
Bain’s Beach Lerwick


  1. Seems I’m missing out since I haven’t kept up with BBC programming of late… but beautiful locations nonetheless.

    1. Lol – why would you keep up with BBC programming – The series is called Shetland which is the part of the UK which apparently sees the fewest crimes – however if you watch this series you may never wish to visit the Island – it is in fact multiple Islands rolling hills and rugged coastline – great wildlife and lack on intensity – we would love to move there if we could find a way to fund it. Trust me we are crunching the numbers. The TV program is very well done and can be tracked down Internationally.

      1. Oh! I used to LOVE so many of the BritComs! Our Public Broadcasting stations used to provide them on the old TV!!!! Favorites were: “Good Neighbors”, “To the Manor Born”… oh, and can’t forget “Fawlty Towers”. I started out liking “Are you being served” but that was one that dragged on faaaaar too long! Can’t forget Ms, Bucket!!!! or Waiting for god…. and on and on…

        Sounds like I’ll need to go look for a way to access “Shetland”. Sounds great.
        Have to say, I seem to have found and settled in my spot of heaven. I just posted some of our wildlife down at the creek that borders our property. We get to use a lot of the toys including the latest trail cam catching the shy critters showing up for a drink in dry times. The lovely beach is still there a few miles away, but it’s getting a bit overrun with crazy people who think wearing a mask or a shot is worse than getting this nasty virus. Which means we could be a bit short in the “lack on intensity” department. 😉

  2. Sad isn’t it….. we did the same, though our visit was only for a day. Enough to say that we will be going back. Loved the Jimmy Perez Antique Shop!

    1. We were completely drawn in – spent 4 days – 1.5 in Lerwick and 2.5 out and about in a 4×4 which was simply wonderful. Mandy wants to move there – we are seriously crunching numbers but – cant seem to make it work so far. So chilled – I imagine winter would be even better.

      1. Been there done that…well not really done that as we are still here in Derby, but I do know that feeling. I recall a friend of my eldest son, after Uni, went to the Shetlands. Just a break from what might become normal. I understand he is still there, I guess 20 odd years later. He started a business repairing computers and electronic gismo’s, last we heard was doing great. If you go on BBC iPlayer you can find a series by Simon King on living on the Shetlands … he only did it for a year, but interesting.

  3. Feels like home, Scott; even though I’ve never been there! Perhaps it’s from watching the Shetland Series. What a fabulous cast. And great locations. You’ve done a wonderful job capturing the austerity and conversely, the warmth of the surroundings.

    1. Carolyn the TV series was great in fact since we returned – we re-watched the entire series and enjoyed it even more now that we recognise the majority of the locations even the far flung locations – as you can imagine we didn’t hold back on exploring.

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